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Promotional ceramics Poznań Wielkopolska - Our company is a distributor of promotional ceramics. We offer many models of promotional cups, promotional mugs and company coffee sets.

Product data

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Standard imprint areas:

Magic Mug
Magic Mug Logo+
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Imprint on this mug is visible only under the influence of heat. Matt surface outside makes "magic effect" even better.

Catalogue page number: 74

Capacity: 300 ml Colours:
Height: 101 mm
Diameter: 91 mm
Material: matt ceramics

Current in-stock quantity:

Latte Magic Matt 300 ml, black Magic / white 980 pcs.

Available adornment technologies for LATTE MAGIC MATT: *  (300 ml)

Magic Mug  (200x94 mm)
Magic Mug Logo+  (200x94 mm)

* In case of projects running outside of the standard print area, please contact our sales department.

Logistic details for packaging available for product LATTE MAGIC MATT:

Bulk Box 36 432 1440
Box P/702 36 216 720
Box P/703f 33 198 660
Box P/711 72 288 1152
Box P/724 36 216 720